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2020 PFOA Meeting Schedule

Meeting Locations  
BSD Bus Barn: 1270 NW 167th Pl, Beaverton 97006
Valley Catholic HS: 4275 SW 148th Ave, Beaverton 97078

Due to the OSAA postponement of Oregon Football to March and April 2021, PFOA meetings are temporarily suspended pending further developments.  The Executive Board will regularly update members as information is available.

A vote on a Resolution to extend the length of office terms for the current Executive Board is currently available.  Please click the link to the left to access the Resolution and the ballot.  If you have any questions, please contact PFOA President Mat Jennings at mat@thejenningsfamily.net.

Please note:  once you vote, the link will be removed.



Oregon Female Officials Recognized

Rebecca is recognized in an OSAA article as the first female official in Oregon to work a State Championship football game. She is one of only 5 female football officials of Oregon's 663 total HS football officials. The PFOA has 3 of these! Click the link to read the article. It primarily covers the all female soccer crew but includes mention of Rebecca as well. Well deserved recognition.


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