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2020 Tournaments


3/7-3/8: Northwest Spring Training I (9u-14u) -Vancouver/Hillsboro

3/14-3/15: Shamrock Classic (9u-13u) -Portland

3/21-3/22: Northwest Spring Training II (9u-14u) -Portland

3/27-3/29: Arizona Elite Championships (9u-18u) -Phoenix (6 fields)


4/4-4/5: Tri-Cities Spring Break Blast (9u-14u) -Tri-Cities (11 fields)

4/18-4/19: Tri-Cities Season Kick-Off (9u-14u) -Tri-Cities (Pending)

4/25-4/26: Border Wars (9u-14u) -Hillsboro/Portland


5/2-5/3: Breast Cancer Awareness (9u-14u) -Hillsboro/Portland

5/9-5/10: Tri-Cities Bombs 4 Moms (9u-14u) -Tri-Cities (Pending)

5/23-5/25: Portland & Vancouver Memorial Day Classics (9u-18u) -Portland/Vancouver

5/23-5/25: Bend Memorial Day Bash (9u-18u) -Bend


6/6-6/7: Tri-Cities Summer Celebration (9u-18u) -Tri-Cities (Pending)

6/20-6/21: Father's Day Tournament (9u-18u) -Portland/Vancouver

6/24-6/28: Hanson Cossman Tournament (18u) -Portland

6/26-6/28: Summer Slam (9u-14u) -Hillsboro/Portland


7/3-7/5: High School Invitational (15u-18u) -Portland

7/3-7/5: Fourth of July Firecracker (9u-14u) -Bend/Redmond

7/17-7/19: WCP & NW Club Championships (9u-18u) -Hillsboro/Portland

7/24-7/26: Central Coast World Series (8u-18u) -Central California (7 fields)


9/5-9/7: Labor Day Classic (9u-18u) -Portland


10/30-11/1: 30th Annual Desert Fall Classic (9u-18u) -Las Vegas (9 fields)


11/7-11/8: Salute to Veterans (8u-14u) -Orange County (Approx. 12 fields)


North West Independent Baseball League (NWIBL)

League games begin, 5/15

Age Limits: 18+ & 30+

Rules: OBR with some modified league rules (link to come)

Playoffs: 18+, begins mid August; 30+, begins early September

*If you are interested in umpiring competitive men's wood bat league games, reach out to Dion Destin (dion.wrua@gmail.com)


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