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Thanks to you ALL for a GREAT season for MVVOA!!!



Congratulations to our Officials:

Kenny Gerig 3/4A State Tournament Official

Michelle Rucker 5/6A State Tournament Official


Congratulations to Teams in our Association:

5A - 3rd Place:  Corvallis HS

5A - 5th Place:  West Albany HS

4A - 2nd Place:  Sweet Home HS

4A - 3rd Place:  Philomath HS

3A - State Champion:  Santiam Christian HS

2A - 2nd Place:  Central Linn HS



2020 Meeting/Training Dates: 



2020 MVVOA Jamboree & Tournament Dates



 2020 OSAA Registration opens June 2020

(Fee is ~ $75.00) 


For further information regarding new officials, please email MVVOA.officials@gmail.com


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Registration for Officials

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