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Camp Information
StartFri, 5/8/2020
EndSun, 5/10/2020
TitleCCBOA / Carolinas Jr. College Conference Men's Basketball Officiating Camp
LocationMyrtle Beach Sports Center
Myrtle Beach, SC


Carolinas Collegiate Basketball Officials Association

Region 10

Carolinas Junior College Conference

Men’s Basketball Officiating Camp


In Conjunction with Prep Hoops 2020

Friday  May 8 through Sunday May 10

NAME ________________________________________________________

ADDRESS _____________________________________________________




OFFICIATING EXPERIENCE_______________________________________

Please read and sign the following Disclaimer:  I hereby release and hold harmless Barry Fishman and the Camp Staff, as well as Prep Hoops, Myrtle Beach Sports Center and any affiliation with this camp, from any liability for injuries or illness incurred while at camp.  Further, I have no knowledge of any physical impairment that will affect my safe participation in the camp program.

Agreement: (please sign below)

Participant's Signature_____________________________________ Date_____________


Return this application on or before April 25, 2020.  Please return payment with signed registration form the non-refundable cost of $250.00 (NO PERSONAL CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED)

Money Orders or Cashier’s Checks ONLY, made payable to:

Barry Fishman
Coordinator of Officials
3256 NW 102nd Terrace
Sunrise, Florida 33351

This is a teaching camp, so please be prepared to continue or become a collegiate official.

What to bring: Great attitude, Black Pants, Black and White Stripes, black shoes, whistle with lanyard, notebook and pen.

There will be classroom and on court instruction, video breakdown, all 3-person mechanics.

If you cannot commit for the entire camp session, please do not sign up. We have classroom sessions planned, so be prepared to learn.


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