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Camp Information
StartSat, 6/13/2020
EndSun, 6/14/2020
TitleMecca Network Referee Camp
LocationSt. John's University (Taftner Field House)
Address8000 Utopia Parkway
Jamaica, NY

Mecca Network of Officiating ( will once again have their Referee Camp for Girls/Women’s Basketball in the Taffner Field House in conjunction with the St. John's University Women's Basketball Team Camp located at 8000 Utopia Parkway Queens, NY 11439.


CAMP DATES:   Saturday, June 13th and Sunday, June 14th (7am-2pm)

All candidates will work 3 games each day.

The camp is designed for all officials who want to learn and already work 3-person assignments. This camp is open to Junior Colleges, Division II & III officials who want to improve or prepare to go to a Division I camp. Each camper will receive a wealth of knowledge from officials who work Women Basketball on the collegiate level.


Randall Amey (Camp Director) Division I Official, various Conferences

Reggie Fowler (Director of Personal) Division I Official, various Conferences

Bernard Myers (Director of Operations) Division I Official, various Conferences

Cornell Hampton (Camp Co-Director) Observer for the Atlantic-10, Big East and Northeast  Conferences, Coordinator of Officials (Assignor) for PSAL High School  Girl's Basketball (Junior Varsity, Varsity, Small School Athletic League & the Multiple Pathway League).


There will be Supervisor of Officials (Assignors) in attendances from various High School Leagues and College Conferences. (TBA)



$165.00 (You will be expected to complete the entire camp.)

Attire: NCAA Officiating Uniform (no jacket)


Click here for application to camp:

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