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2020 Board

Updated 6/17/2020



– Dave Kuhns



Vice President of Training

– Tom Carlisle



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  June 2020 updates

NYBUA Umpire Guidelines for 2020 Games during COVID-19

  • The state of Oregon should announce guidelines prior to any baseball game being played. Those guidelines should be for the teams and their spectators. Social distancing will probably be first on the list. When you arrive at the ball park it will be the home team head coach who would be the one in charge of the venue. It will be up to the home team head coach and the visiting team head coach to manage their players and fans.  Your job will be to manage the game once it starts. If you prefer to call balls and strikes from behind the pitcher we will support you. We will follow NFHS rules and guidelines described below.
  • Accepting a game. If you are assigned a game and you feel uncomfortable with the location of the game, your partner or position as plate or base umpire contact the commissioner and request a change. If your age suggests you may be better suited to do the bases let the commissioner know. Remember, if you are assigned a game and decline the game you may always provide feedback why the game was declined.
  • Umpires may wear any form of face covering they feel comfortable with. The plate umpire must be able to call balls and strikes verbally. Both umpires must be able to call safe, out, fair and foul with authority. Rubber gloves may also be worn.

From the 2020 NFHS rule book. These rules will help in decision making.

  1. Rule 4 Starting and Ending Game – Section 1 article 1, 3a, b.
  2. Rule 6 Pitching – Section 2 Article 1a, 1b, 1c, 1e
  3. Rule 10 Umpiring - Section 1 Article 2, 3 and 4 Section 2 Article 2, 3c, 3e, 3h, 3k
  4. Management of Concussions – Appendix B
  5. General Guidelines for Sports Hygiene, Skin Infections & Diseases – Appendix D
  6. Official Code of Ethics – Appendix G

The NFHS rule book helps describe how players, coaches, fans and umpires should act during a game. Keep in mind that once the game begins (after the plate conference) continuation of the game is the responsibility of the plate umpire. If for any reason the umpire feels the game is unsafe in any way, the game may be terminated. It may also be ended if players, coaches or fans behave in an unsportsmanlike behavior. In some case it may be wise to restrict players or coaches to the dugout to avoid ejection. Discuss any concerns with the head coaches.

Plate Conference

  • Are all players legally and properly equipped?
  • Everyone understands the special rules we are playing under today?
  • Umpire judgment calls are final and will not be reviewed.
  • Once the game starts the umpire is responsible for managing the game. Players in the dugouts, fans and those outside of the playing area are the responsibility of the head coaches.
  • Sportsmanship starts with the umpire and both head coaches.


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